16 Stores Like PacSun

Stores Like Pacsun Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like PacSun which features brands and sites similar to PacSun in style, price and product range.

Known for its lifestyle and youth focused clothing selections PacSun is a popular clothing chain for men and women of a younger demographic with interests in a number of lifestyle sports. Selling pieces that reflect the culture of snow, skate, street and surf across it's apparel, shoes and accessory lines the PacSun stores offer a wide selection of well known brand products including its own PacSun range (men and women).

The stores, brands and sites like Pacsun collated below reflect a similar sense of style and appreciation for lifestyle sports such as surfing and skateboarding while also offering a similar price range that makes filling up a wardrobe with Pacsun items affordable.


With over 50 years of experience in the production of shoes Vans is an American manufacturer that also produces street themed apparel (hoodies, hats, backpacks, T-Shirts and other items). Over the decades Vans has predominately grown its brand name through sponsorship of active and extreme sports such as skateboarding, surf...[Read More]

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Free People

Sitting under Urban Outfitters Free People is a subsidiary focusing on bohemian apparel and lifestyle clothing, accessories, shoes and swimwear products. Serving as the wholesale arm of Urban Outfitters originally in 1984 the brand is now sold across stand along stores along with various boutiques and department stores. Fro...[Read More]

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Popular for cardigans, blazers, sweaters, suits and business casual for women J.Crew is a staple range in the affordable to expensive category that fills many wardrobes. Regular design themes include colour blocks and mixing of patterns while maintaining a timeless approach. With options for women, men, girls and boys the J...[Read More]

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American Eagle

Designed for a male and female demographic of college age American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (American Eagle) is a retailer of casual clothing and accessories. Started in 1997 the brand has expanded to a healthy product range of jeans, shirts, outerwear, swimwear and many other separates. Given its target demographic these item...[Read More]

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Mara Hoffman

The brand of Mara Hoffman was founded in 2000 and offers clothes for women that are ready to wear (dresses, tops, bottoms and jumpsuits), swimwear, bridal and a range of swimwear options for children. Designed based on unique and signature fabric prints the range of clothing items offer a unique aesthetic that also manage t...[Read More]

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SwimSpot is focused on offering designer women’s swimwear from all the top brands in one easy and convenient location. From the bikini to the tankini, one piece or body suit SwimSpot has an ample range of all styles for all female sun lovers. Physically located on the West Coast of the US SwimSpot also offers this  ex...[Read More]

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Focusing on the staple denim item of jeans and everything that you wear with jeans Madewell is a high quality brand for denim fans who enjoy a casual but also fashionable aesthetic. With timeless designs on the minimalist side of the scale Madewell describes itself as artful, cool, sexy, tomboy, unexpected and effortless br...[Read More]

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Orientated around action sports Swell (SWELL) is an online retailer that began in 1999 and continues to focus on action sports to this day (mostly surf and surf lifestyle). Partnering with popular brands everyone knows of and the athletes that participate in action sports Swell brings many types of products to the market ac...[Read More]

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Billabong is an Australian founded surf company that focuses its offering on clothing items and accessories for surf, skate and snow. Selling clothes under a name of brand names owned by Billabong the range of products continues to expand and is offered for sale online through a number of regional specific websites. Now off...[Read More]

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Starting as a store for the skaters, snowboarders and surfers of the world Zumiez is a clothing store for the active consumer. Launched under the brand name “Above The Belt” in 1978 the company soon evolved to Zumiez (Zoom-eez) and expanded to other active sports such as motor cross, BMX and snowboarding. This e...[Read More]

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The Superdry brand combines the American vintage style with Japanese inspired graphics, turning the tables on the popular Asian theme of meaningless English text in a decorative fashion on clothing products. Items are available for both men and women and while vintage also manages to be contemporary and casual. Other consis...[Read More]

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Jack Wills

Based out of the UK and founded in 1999 Jack Wills brings UK styled clothing to the world over. Jack Wills offers all the staple outfit pieces for both men and women with a style that can be described as youth orientated, carefree and defines what it is to be British. With a range that includes gymwear, outerwear, bottoms, ...[Read More]

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Matthew Williamson

Offering clothing pieces (predominately swimwear) with strong colours is Matthew Williamson, a brand named after the creator known for his use of bold fashion statements but also an attention to detail and design. Set firmly in the price range of luxury high fashion Matthew Williamson regularly produces beachwear items alon...[Read More]

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SwimOutlet is a large online speciality shop that offers all your clothing and gear needs for everything water related. Be it swimwear, beach fashion, surfing or other water sports SwimOutlet has a constantly growing range of quality products that ship to the US, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. The rise of SwimOutlet...[Read More]

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Fat Face

Featuring lifestyle clothing and accessories in store and through its online store Fat Face is based in the UK and was founded in 1988. These days Fat Face has grown to over 200 physical stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Offering a large range of items across women, men and kids clothing with pieces for every part of yo...[Read More]

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Planet Blue

Started in 1995 Planet Blue has a around a dozen stores spread across the United States, with the majority located within the Los Angeles area. Growing from humble beginnings as an organic cotton clothing brand and company under the watchful eyes of Ling-Su the Planet Blue brand has grown to international designer and retai...[Read More]

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