Mara Hoffman

The brand of Mara Hoffman was founded in 2000 and offers clothes for women that are ready to wear (dresses, tops, bottoms and jumpsuits), swimwear, bridal and a range of swimwear options for children. Designed based on unique and signature fabric prints the range of clothing items offer a unique aesthetic that also manage to be simple and highlight the female form.

Going hand in hand with this simple and relaxed lifestyle designs is the approach that Mara Hoffman takes to clothing production to ensure sustainability for the planet. The majority of which revolve around the use of certified materials and recycled where possible to reduce the environmental impact. Meanwhile on the manufacturing side Mara Hoffman is committed to ensure the people that produce the clothing are treated fairly and making designs with waste and material usage in mind.

For regulars to the beach or going out in the warmer months the range of products sold at Mara Hoffman are ideal for beach trekking, going out with friends, beach weddings and more.

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Product Range & Estimated Pricing:

  • Dresses ($225 – $525)
  • Tops ($110 – $250)
  • Bottoms ($175 – $325)
  • Jumpsuits ($195 – $390)
  • Swimwear ($95 – $360)
  • Activewear ($100 – $130)
  • Kids ($55 – $120)
  • Accessories ($100 – $215)
  • Bridal ($750 – $1,900)

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships worldwide.
  • Free US shipping for orders above $250.
  • No returns on international sales.

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).
  • Store credit and gift cards (available through Mara Hoffman website).


  • Sustainable business practices approach.
  • Designer items for beach, weddings and children.

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