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Splits59 has been around the fashion industry since 2008 with its headquarters in the sunny California and aiming to bring intelligent fashion design to the active wear industry for women. This means that you can expect Splits59 to deliver high performance wear from fantastic advanced fabrics that are made to fit perfectly. Alongside the core active wear franchise you’ll fine a pairing of ge...


Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty has been around since 1998 with a heavy focus on being different in the saturated active wear market. Powered by women within the company Sweaty Betty is designed to empower women with powerful fit and fabric for those that love to work out but equally want to enjoy their lifestyle. The foundation of which is the highly female workforce leading the company into future. Founded in Lond...


Under Armour

Under Armour (UA) has built a brand around high performance and innovative active wear products for all genders and ages. While not without it’s high profile controversies this listed clothing company has growing from millions of sales in 1996 to the multi billion scale of current years. From the founding product of a compression undershirt made to stay dry while providing that light and coo...


Beauty Bay

Original focusing on fragrances under the name Fragrance Bay and subsequently expanding into all sorts of beauty products Beauty Bay is a great place to stop for your makeup, hair care and skin care product lines that you love. With a large number of UK brands but also stocking internationally known names the product range of Beauty Bay encompasses a number of categories and features more than 10,...