13 Stores Like American Eagle

Stores Like American Eagle Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like American Eagle which features brands and sites similar to American Eagle in style, price and range.

American Eagle Outfitters prides itself on being a leading retailer of apparel and accessories for men and women along with children through its sub brand Aerie. Hallmarks of the company include high quality pieces that are on trend but also affordable. With a wide reach of over 1,000 stores spread across major countries (United States, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and Israel) and shipping to many more American Eagles Outfitters has grown to more than just an American based clothing retailer.

The stores, brands and sites like American Eagle Outfitters selected below offer a similar emphasis on casual clothing for the whole family at inexpensive prices with a focus on stores for the young adult (male and female) that wants trendy casual apparel and accessories.


For youth clothing basics Unionbay delivers a product range that aims to the capture the freedom that youth provides with a list of products that it describes as original and innocent while also encouraging experimentation of fashion in order to find out what style is the real you. Founded in 1981 Unionbay has continued thi...[Read More]

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Needing no introduction with its behemoth number of stores at over 3,000 the Gap is an American based retailer of clothing and accessories. This expansion has taken place since its 1969 beginnings and now encompasses a number of brands that many Americans and those globally are familiar with including Old Navy and Banana Re...[Read More]

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Popular for cardigans, blazers, sweaters, suits and business casual for women J.Crew is a staple range in the affordable to expensive category that fills many wardrobes. Regular design themes include colour blocks and mixing of patterns while maintaining a timeless approach. With options for women, men, girls and boys the J...[Read More]

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Focusing on the staple denim item of jeans and everything that you wear with jeans Madewell is a high quality brand for denim fans who enjoy a casual but also fashionable aesthetic. With timeless designs on the minimalist side of the scale Madewell describes itself as artful, cool, sexy, tomboy, unexpected and effortless br...[Read More]

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Urban Outfitters

Based in the US and with over 100 locations worldwide (predominately US, Canada, UK and Europe) Urban Outfitters claims the title of multinational clothing corporation with its head company (URBN) being behind a number of popular clothing names all fashion fans would recognise. Urban Outfitters has regularly opted to offer ...[Read More]

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H & M

H&M, founded in Sweden (1947), is a ready to wear fashion label that focuses on providing the latest styles at affordable prices. With items for men, women, children and the home, H&M has something for all your needs. H&M has a prominent online stores, with shipping available to more than 30 countries. As well a...[Read More]

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Be yourself with rue21 a fashion brand that encourages consumers to go on a fashion journey of discovery. To achieve this rue21 not only offers a number of brands for different demographics but does so at affordable prices that let you stock your wardrobe with all the elements you need for your style. These brands include s...[Read More]

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Pink Ice

Consistently changing its product range and face of the business Pink Ice has settled into a trendy style for girls that want a cute and edgy style while keeping up with trends and not sacrificing quality. Started predominately in the beach cities of Santa Monica and South Orange County the Pink Ice design philosophy is now...[Read More]

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If you’re a confident trend setter when it comes to fashion GoJane has the product range your seeking. From clothing to accessories and shoes the collection of cute items for teenagers and early twenties ticks a number of boxes. Primarily about cute dresses, women shoes and teenage clothing these 3 categories are wher...[Read More]

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Diani Boutique

Stocking dozens of brands Diani Boutique offers both American and European designers in a single place with a timeless approach to selection criteria. Starting as a clothing focused boutique in 2012 Diani Boutique has expanded to the likes of Shoes, Home and Garden. With the mix of designers across the seas Diani Boutique h...[Read More]

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The Superdry brand combines the American vintage style with Japanese inspired graphics, turning the tables on the popular Asian theme of meaningless English text in a decorative fashion on clothing products. Items are available for both men and women and while vintage also manages to be contemporary and casual. Other consis...[Read More]

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Jack Wills

Based out of the UK and founded in 1999 Jack Wills brings UK styled clothing to the world over. Jack Wills offers all the staple outfit pieces for both men and women with a style that can be described as youth orientated, carefree and defines what it is to be British. With a range that includes gymwear, outerwear, bottoms, ...[Read More]

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Forever 21

Growing out of the US Forever 21 is a premier fast fashion retailer that is constantly staying current based on the fashion trends of the season. Forever 21 has over 700 stores, predominately in the United States with smaller numbers of stores across Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. Established in 1984 in California this l...[Read More]

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