Style Mafia

Based out of Miami Style Mafia (now Simonett) is for the refined and fashion conscious woman who is looking to obtain high design inspired pieces at a price range that is within reach. Style Mafia was started by Simonett Pereira alongside her blog of the same name. The brand is now sold at over 50 stores across North American regions.

Not content with sourcing and curating products the Style Mafia’s own clothing line was started in 2013 with a collection of 35 items across the commonly stocked item categories (outerwear, dresses, separates and accessories). All of these items and the future collections were designed ideally for the innovative fashion star who wants to try something new with their wardrobe and explore fashion concepts.

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Product Range & Estimated Pricing:

  • Dresses ($50 – $200)
  • Tops ($60 – $200)
  • Pants ($60 – $250)
  • Shorts ($40 – $100)
  • Outerwear ($100 – $350)
  • Skirts ($70 – $200)

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships fashion range worldwide.
  • Returns within 15 days are available for free returns.

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).


  • Newsletter sign up available for product updates and releases.

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