Specialising in furniture and accessories for the home Horchow offers luxurious items for you to decorate your residence. While the focus is on the classic and contemporary items that are never out of style Horchow offers this product range without sacrificing new ideas, excitement and quality. Other trends that Horchow features are Artisanal, Cosmopolitan, New Traditional and Modern Luxury,

Central to this idea is also that style and comfort are not mutually exclusive, with each piece being functional and enjoyable to use without losing out on the style that turns a house into a home.

For those that are a regular interior designer (commercial or residential) you’ll be able to always get 25% off your purchases. For the non professional you’ll get regular discounts which are regularly based around a certain room in the house, allowing you to slowly make over the house a room at a time.

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Product Range & Estimated Pricing:

  • Furniture ($55 – $18,000)
  • Decor ($10 – $56,000)
  • Lighting ($35 – $10,500)
  • Bedding ($300 – $3,500)
  • Bath ($20 – $1,600)
  • Rugs & Curtains ($100 – $10,000)
  • Tabletop ($10 – $2,100)
  • Outdoor ($15 – $15,000)
  • Gifts ($10 – $18,000)

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships to US online. International shipping available but requires calling support.
  • Returns available across product ranges, some fees apply.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Diner’s Club).
  • The Newman Marcus Credit Card.
  • Bergdorf Goodman Credit Card.
  • Horchow & Newman Marcu Gift Cards.


  • Regular discount for professional interior designers.

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