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Z Gallerie has multi-decade experience in offering inspiration to designers and non-designers alike through its store catalogue, online store presence and over 50 store locations across the United States. Drawing inspiration from the likes of the natural world, handmade textiles and architectural principles there is plenty of variety and uniqueness to furniture design in Z Gallerie.

The style of Z Gallerie is best described as modern, glam and a little bit of luxe as Z Gallerie takes the current trending styles but merges it with contemporary classics with a result somewhere in between. To help you navigate this array of styles Z Gallerie includes a style personality quiz to point you in the right direction.

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Product Range & Estimated Pricing:

  • Living Room ($200 – $3,000)
  • Dining Room ($200 – $2,000)
  • Bedroom ($400 – $3,000)
  • Home Office ($100 – $2,000)
  • Art ($50 – $2,000)
  • Decor ($30 – $800)
  • Rugs ($200 – $1,000)
  • Tableware ($10 – $300)
  • Bedding ($20 – $400)
  • Mirrors ($200 – $2,000)

Shipping & Returns:

  • Ships worldwide through International Checkout.
  • Free shipping to store locations.
  • No exchanges on custom furniture. 14 days return on stock items.

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).
  • Checks & Money Orders.
  • Z Gallerie Gift Cards


  • Style quiz to help you find your ideal look.
  • Designer trade program for all sorts of discounts and benefits.

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