9 Stores Like Lush

Stores Like Lush Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like Lush which features brands and sites similar to Lush in style, price and range.

Focusing on cosmetics that have a emphasis natural ingredients Lush a company founded and based in the UK. Across the range of shampoos, soaps, lotions, creams and other cosmetic items Lush focuses on using the freshest ingredients and pairing it with formulas that rely on the power of nature to create popular products.

This natural focus sees fruits and vegetables forming the foundation of the Lush product range, the pinnacle of which is their bath bombs and makeup collection. On top of the natural focus Lush also takes a stand against animal testing and focuses on ethical buying of ingredients.

The stores, brands and sites like Lush found below have a similar focus on organic based products in the cosmetics vertical.


A hugely popular cosmetic chain across the globe is Sephora, mixing in hundreds of popular fashion brands with its own private label products the offering in Sephora stores and online covers skincare, fragrances, nails, hair care and body products. Since 2015 Sephora also offers a subscription box product under the name Pla...[Read More]

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165 years ago Kiehl’s started as an apothecary on the East Village of New York. In the modern era Kiehl’s has positioned itself more towards skin and body care with a large of affordable products for all your skincare and health needs. Not stopping at a female audience Kiehl’s has offered a men’s ran...[Read More]

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Based out of New York City Birchbox aims to solve the issues of finding new products to try and add into your makeup routine. As a subscription box service Birchbox delivers a box of half a dozen beauty samples each month across skincare, cosmetics, perfumes and organic products. This business model has proven popular among...[Read More]

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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is run by a passionate brand focusing on products that support a healthy lifestyle with organic based products that have scientific evidence to support the mixtures of ingredients. Like most healthy and organic wellness companies Juice Beauty grew out of a need when the founder (Karen Behnke) was pregnant and s...[Read More]

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Designed as a beauty movement that is ideal for real girls who need makeup for real life each and everyday. This is achieved by bringing beauty products to the surface that are fun, easy and personal. With it’s foundations as a beauty blog the team behind Glossier has all the experience you would want to see in this s...[Read More]

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Bomb Cosmetics

Focusing on saving the skin of its customers with a 100% handmade range of products with a focus on products for the bath with blasters, melts and soaps being the bulk of the Bomb Cosmetics range. Other items available include fragrances and items to rejuvenate your face, hair and lips. Across all these product categories y...[Read More]

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Witch Baby Soap

Bring out your inner witch with Witch Baby Soap a brand focused on bath and beauty products for the space age witch. Be it soap, body scrub, body butter or bath bombs Witch Baby Soap offers an array of products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free so you can enjoy them with a clear mind. Witch Baby Soap has been selling its...[Read More]

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Basin is committed to offering the best ingredients in its product range of all natural beauty and path products, even banning nearly two dozen harmful ingredients across its site to achieve this goal. What’s left is a brand that is all about fun, fresh and fragrant products that come from the natural world and offer ...[Read More]

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The Body Shop

Known for its social activism The Body Shop is a British based cosmetics and skin care company that was sold to L’Oréal in 2006, 30 years after it was originally founded. The range of products sold through The Body Shop locations and online store encompasses over 1,000 items in body, make up, skincare, hair care, bath...[Read More]

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