13 Stores Like T J Maxx

Stores Like T J Maxx Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like T J Maxx which features brands and sites similar to T J Maxx in style, price and range.

Standing strong at over 1,000 stores T J Maxx is a large department store chain and one of the largest in the US. As a department store the range of T J Maxx encompasses clothing (men and women), shoes, toys, beauty, accessories and everything in between. T J Maxx stores are usually presented as upscale in appearance and while they do feature some higher end items is generally focused on affordable well known branded items.

The stores, brands and sites like T J Maxx featured here offer equally large ranges of products at affordable prices with a focus on brands that you know and love. Be it for the home, apparel, beauty, toys or other important life purchases these alternative department stores have it all.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue specialises in bringing American luxury products through its department stores and online presence. With its flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York City Saks Fifth Avenue continues to grow from its early 1900’s founding which started in fashionable women’s and menswear. From this base of...[Read More]

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HSN (Home Shopping Network) is a well known American based broadcast that features a wide array of products for consumers to purchase directly or through several purchases. While this broadcast network is the bread and butter of the HSN franchise the majority of items are available through the official online store. In addi...[Read More]

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QVC is amongst the big American broadcast networks that specialises in the home shopping experience but also offers its product range online through its eCommerce store. In addition to its US base QVC operates in Germany, Italy, China, France, Japan and the UK. Standing for Quality, Value and Convenience, QVC like its other...[Read More]

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Kohl’s is a retail chain and American based department store that has grown from humble Milwaukee beginnings in 1927 as the local corner store. Now commanding over 1,000 retail locations Kohl’s is one of the retail giants on the American shopping scene with a product range that includes clothing, bedding, furnit...[Read More]

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Neiman Marcus

Focusing on the luxury end of the American department store market Neiman Marcus has a proud history of American sales that go back over a century. With several dozen locations from south to north, east and west the Neiman Marcus experience is accessible statewide. In addition to this high quality store experience popular c...[Read More]

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Lord & Taylor

As one of the oldest luxury department stores within the United States of America, Lord & Taylor has a long history of offering fashionable items to its customers. With this history going all the way back to 1826 Lord & Taylor has a great grasp of the basics of running retail locations such as quality, style and ser...[Read More]

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Filling the role of one of the largest discount department stores in the United States Target commands a retail empire approaching 2,000 stores. With a history that goes back to 1902 the modern day Target stores have changed a number of times with its present day operations revolving around low prices but also a chic style ...[Read More]

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Selling through the internet Overstock was developed around the need to sell surplus inventory at liquidated prices at the turn of the century. While this original idea is still floating around the Overstock website in the form of home decor, bedding and furniture it now also extends to new products of the growing range. Th...[Read More]

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Falling within the luxury department store category with its headquarters in Washington Nordstrom has grown to over 100 locations in over 100 years (founded 1901). The large majority of these stores are the Nordstrom Rack locations which are considered to be the clearance arm of the company operations. While Nordstrom start...[Read More]

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Operating a 300 store strong department store chain is Dillard’s with a heavy focus around the Texas and Florida area amongst other states. Started in 1938 Dillard’s is not the oldest of the big name department stores but still has a strong history of operations in America and delivering a high level of service ...[Read More]

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Marks & Spencers

Marks & Spencers (M&S) is one of the UK’s largest retailers with over 1,000 stores worldwide and specialising in the sale of clothing, products for the home and luxury food items. These product categories along with the other lines offered in Marks & Spencers stores and online are a healthy mixture of in h...[Read More]

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Kmart operates a chain of big box department stores across the United States with just under 1,000 stores. Historically Kmart has also operated in Europe, Mexico and Canada along with operations in Australia (shared name only as US equity has been bought out). Originally growing rapidly off it’s Blue Light Specials th...[Read More]

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Selfridges (Selfridges & Co.) is a UK based high end department store with a small handful of stores offering products from clothing to beauty, kids, tech, food, jewellery and gifts. With their over the top store architecture the Selfridges locations have become a popular tourist destination for visitors to the UK. The ...[Read More]

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