7 Stores Like Lululemon

Stores Like Lululemon Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like Lululemon which features brands and sites similar to Lululemon in style, price and range.

Lululemon (or Lululemon Athletica) is a popular apparel retailer that is highly respected and renowned for its athletic wear and in particular yoga accessories, workout wear and lifestyle clothing. Based out of Canada but now commanding a global presence Lululemon continues to expand as it faces off against the behemoths of the industry like Nike and Under Armour who also focus on products for those engaging in the sweaty pursuits in life.

The stores, brands and sites like Lululemon that have been curated below also focus heavily on yoga gear and accessories along with providing other clothing needs for your workouts.


Splits59 has been around the fashion industry since 2008 with its headquarters in the sunny California and aiming to bring intelligent fashion design to the active wear industry for women. This means that you can expect Splits59 to deliver high performance wear from fantastic advanced fabrics that are made to fit perfectly....[Read More]

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Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty has been around since 1998 with a heavy focus on being different in the saturated active wear market. Powered by women within the company Sweaty Betty is designed to empower women with powerful fit and fabric for those that love to work out but equally want to enjoy their lifestyle. The foundation of which is t...[Read More]

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Under Armour

Under Armour (UA) has built a brand around high performance and innovative active wear products for all genders and ages. While not without it’s high profile controversies this listed clothing company has growing from millions of sales in 1996 to the multi billion scale of current years. From the founding product of a...[Read More]

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Old Navy

Part of the Gap Inc corporation Old Navy is a retailer of clothing and accessories with flagship locations in a number of large American cities include Seattle, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Starting out as a warehouse chain to the main Gap brand Old Navy replaced Gap Warehouse in 1994 after a decision to separate it...[Read More]

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Anthropologie is an American based clothing retailer that curates its own collection of female clothing along with pieces of furniture and beauty products. Operating over 200 stores globally Anthropologie has had a history of strong collaborations with popular designers and artists to create limited run special editions acr...[Read More]

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Needing no introduction with its behemoth number of stores at over 3,000 the Gap is an American based retailer of clothing and accessories. This expansion has taken place since its 1969 beginnings and now encompasses a number of brands that many Americans and those globally are familiar with including Old Navy and Banana Re...[Read More]

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Joe Fresh

Offering an affordable range of apparel that is still stylish Joe Fresh has been offering its product range in 2006 across Canada in supermarkets, superstores and its own branded locations. Promising to offer modern designs with a focus on creating that everyday wardrobe with pieces that are easy to infuse into your regular...[Read More]

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