12 Stores Like Home Depot

Stores Like Home Depot Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like Home Depot which features brands and sites similar to Home Depot in style, price and range.

The Home Depot is an American chain of home improvement retail locations that focus on offering a large range of tools, construction products and services to the public for DIY and industrial. Commanding a massive 2,200+ stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico The Home Depot stands as one of the largest big box retailers and leader in the home improvement retailer market. With tens of thousands of items stocked in individual stores and hundreds of thousands more online The Home Depot has everything consumers need.

The stores, brands and sites like The Home Depot found below offer alternative shopping destinations for your DIY and construction needs. With similar competitive prices and large product ranges these other stores are ideal for the home improvement shopper.


Encompassing everything from the basic to the luxury products Wayfair is not short on products to shop and ways to filter them to find that perfect piece that your room or house is missing. We’re talking literally hundreds of thousands of products across all the departments with a similar spread of price ranges for a ...[Read More]

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Kohl’s is a retail chain and American based department store that has grown from humble Milwaukee beginnings in 1927 as the local corner store. Now commanding over 1,000 retail locations Kohl’s is one of the retail giants on the American shopping scene with a product range that includes clothing, bedding, furnit...[Read More]

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Filling the role of one of the largest discount department stores in the United States Target commands a retail empire approaching 2,000 stores. With a history that goes back to 1902 the modern day Target stores have changed a number of times with its present day operations revolving around low prices but also a chic style ...[Read More]

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World Market

World Market (Cost Plus World Market) is a large chain of retail with hundreds of locations which specialise in selling imports of furniture, decor, rugs and curtains. A subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond since 2012 World Market has its origins in the 1950s, since the original store the product range of World Market has se...[Read More]

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Leading the home improvement market in the UK B&Q assists customers to create a better and smarter home. With over 300 stores and its online store (appropriately available at DIY.com) B&Q offers 40,000 odd products across the categories of outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, building, painting, tools, electrical, t...[Read More]

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Harbor Freight Tools

Expanding rapidly to over 700 stores around the United States with a product range approaching 10,000 Harbor Freight Tools aims to sell great quality tools at the lowest prices around. Not restricted to only its physical presence Harbor Freight Tools operates an online eCommerce website along with support for orders by phon...[Read More]

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Starting as a family owned operation in the late 1950’s Menards has developed into a large chain of home improvement stores that are centred predominately around the Midwest areas of the United States. The dominance of Menards in these locations has allowed it to rise into the top 3 hardware chains in the US alongside...[Read More]

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Strongly positioned as a Fortune 500 company Lowe’s manages a large chain of home improvement stores that are spread across the United States and its closest neighbours (Mexico and Canada) and operates over 2,000 stores across these locations. This reach puts Lowe’s firmly in the top handful of hardware chains g...[Read More]

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Pier 1

Pier 1 imports (Pier 1) is a retailer based in Texas that focuses on imported home furniture items that are quirky and unique but at the same time perfectly original. Based predominately around the United States and Canada Pier 1 has previously operated across the UK (under The Pier brand name) and had a range of children&#...[Read More]

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Ace Hardware

Operating as a retail co-operative Ace Hardware is the largest such business model in the hardware niche worldwide. Growing out of its single location in 1924 Ace Hardware commands nearly 5,000 locations across the nation which are all independently owned and operated which allows consumers to obtain that small and personal...[Read More]

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With its unique approach to furniture and its prominence in all major countries the IKEA brand is well known for its modern designs that are also simple, unique and eco-friendly. Specialising in appliances, furniture and interior design IKEA’s fierce focus on cost control has also allowed it to offer this range at aff...[Read More]

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Kmart operates a chain of big box department stores across the United States with just under 1,000 stores. Historically Kmart has also operated in Europe, Mexico and Canada along with operations in Australia (shared name only as US equity has been bought out). Originally growing rapidly off it’s Blue Light Specials th...[Read More]

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