12 Stores Like Collections Etc

Stores Like Collections Etc. Explore and vote on our curated list of stores like Collections Etc which features brands and sites similar to Collections Etc in style, price and range.

Collections Etc. is a catalogue based seller which began in 1997 on the premise of selling unique merchandise (predominately for the home and garden) at an affordable prices. This founding was centred around the idea of offering products under at and under a $14.99 price range which has continued on over a decade later.

The stores, brands and sites like Collections Etc. featured on this list offer similar quirky and unique products at an inexpensive price range. Whether it be a catalogue based retailer, eCommerce specialist or physical location you're after this selection has it all.


Filling the role of one of the largest discount department stores in the United States Target commands a retail empire approaching 2,000 stores. With a history that goes back to 1902 the modern day Target stores have changed a number of times with its present day operations revolving around low prices but also a chic style ...[Read More]

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Selling through the internet Overstock was developed around the need to sell surplus inventory at liquidated prices at the turn of the century. While this original idea is still floating around the Overstock website in the form of home decor, bedding and furniture it now also extends to new products of the growing range. Th...[Read More]

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Behind the brands of Crate & Barrel and The Land of Nod is CB2, offering modern and affordable items for lofts, apartments and your home. Growing to around a dozen stores since 2000 the success and growth of CB2 speaks for itself as it spreads across the US and Canada. Based on the design fundamentals of modern in the m...[Read More]

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Walter Drake

With a history as one of the pioneers of direct mail Walter Drake has been around since the last 1940s from its base in Colorado Springs. Named after its namesake Walter Drake began operations as a pen pal letter service for kids offering personalised letters from Tommy Turtle. Growing well beyond this original idea Walter ...[Read More]

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LTD Commodities

LTD Commodities is a catalogue based company which has been serving its customers with a large product range for over half a decade. Whether you want to order from the catalogue or use the quick order form online you’ll be ensured quality pieces that go alongside the focus on customer service. All catalogues can be br...[Read More]

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The Lakeside Collection

Focusing on low prices and the finest collection of curated catalogue based items is The Lakeside Collection. Available both in physical form and online the catalogues are produced regularly from items taken from across the world. With regular appearances from home furniture, apparel, accessories, special events and family ...[Read More]

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Uncommon Goods

With a name like Uncommon Goods you know that you’re going to have an online store front that focuses on the unique items across homewares, gifts and jewellery items mostly. Based on the idea of offering a craft show like range that is filled with unique handmade goods that each have a story behind the item and the cr...[Read More]

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Lillian Vernon

Carving out a niche in the quality customisation field Lillian Vernon specialises in customising gifts and decor to make it your own. With a history that spans back to the early 1950s Lillian Vernon has mastered the art of what makes a gift unique and notable. Gifts are the staple offering on Lillian Vernon with categories ...[Read More]

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Brookstone has a nationwide footprint focusing on items for consumers that serve unique functions, a unique gift or a piece of homeware. The history of Brookstone stems back to 1965 where the store created a niche for itself as a hard to find tool specialist with its first catalogue, nearly a decade later Brookstone entered...[Read More]

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With its unique approach to furniture and its prominence in all major countries the IKEA brand is well known for its modern designs that are also simple, unique and eco-friendly. Specialising in appliances, furniture and interior design IKEA’s fierce focus on cost control has also allowed it to offer this range at aff...[Read More]

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Kmart operates a chain of big box department stores across the United States with just under 1,000 stores. Historically Kmart has also operated in Europe, Mexico and Canada along with operations in Australia (shared name only as US equity has been bought out). Originally growing rapidly off it’s Blue Light Specials th...[Read More]

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond calls America home with retail stores also across Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico with over 1,000 such stores. Founded several decades ago Bed Bath & Beyond specialises in items that are for your bedroom and bathroom needs while also going beyond with the likes of gifts, furniture and dining. Across...[Read More]

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